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International news – then and now

The world is getting closer thanks to world news which keeps us updated about news around the world.

This is referred to as international news which gives us a detailed account of the latest and most recent events and happenings happening around the world. Another name for it is global news.

People all over the world are eager to know about each country’s issues and problems. International news provides us with news updates from every nook and corner of the world. Whether it’s a matter of political interest or some kind of celebrity gossip; world news keeps you up-to-date with almost everything. Previous world news was only available in English. However, nowadays, there are various news channels in a number of different languages ​​which feature international news and hence this makes it better for us to understand the news.

Various news channels appear on TV in India as well as abroad providing information on international events.

There are certain online websites that also provide us with the latest in the world. The advantage of online news is that unlike television, there are no advertisements and you can watch the news without interruption. Another benefit is that the global news website is updated in every few minutes and ensures that you get the hot news from the press.

Yet many news channels mislead people by showing even the most baseless and insignificant events as the world’s latest news. This is not appreciated and accepted by the people. The media need to understand that if they continue to present these unwanted issues, the masses will lose interest and will no longer bother with any kind of news event. It is therefore very important for the media to convey to us issues of global importance. Polls and surveys should be held so that the opinions and views of people around the world are considered which will help the world make it a better place to live.

It should be made mandatory for everyone to get updated with World news. This is because it is very important for everyone to be aware of international issues of concern. We all live in this world and are equally responsible for these events. We need to realize our rights and duties and our role as citizens of this world.