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Find newspaper websites and online archives of newspapers to read newspapers for free online.

Trying to Find Specific Newspaper Websites

Step 1: Perform a name search.

To find a specific local, national, or worldwide newspaper, type the name of the publication into a search engine and hit Enter. Choose a newspaper’s website from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select a Subsection

Newspaper websites have parts that are similar to those found in print editions. To browse a section, go to the menu bar and select the desired area.

Step 3: Select a Subject

Like the sections of a traditional newspaper, the online sections have subjects inside each section. Select the topic you want to read from the expanded section menu.

Step 4: Look for a story to tell.

Alternatively, use the magnifying glass icon to look for a certain story. A search box can be found near the section menu on some websites. In the box, type a search word and press Enter or Search. A magnifying glass symbol on other websites activates a search function. To input your search query, click the magnifying glass button and follow the directions.

I’m looking for websites that have newspaper archives.

Many newspaper websites are linked to newspaper archive websites. By dividing newspapers into areas and subjects on archive websites, you can refine your search. Some archive websites provide information on newspaper availability, such as dates and whether the texts are whole or partial sections of the newspapers.

The Library of Congress Archives and the Free Newspaper Archives are two free-to-use websites. Online alternatives for viewing archived newspapers are also available through local libraries. To find materials, contact your local library or visit the library’s website.

Websites for Subscriptions

Subscriptions are required for genealogy websites and some newspaper archive websites; however, many provide a free trial. The free trial period can last anything from a few days to a month.